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What Is Silver Sneakers?


Silver sneakers is a program that encourages senior citizens to get into shape by doing physical activities. It is present in several insurance programs so you better check if your insurance program has it. You will automatically be enrolled in several gyms. Of course, you won’t need to go to all of them as it would only make sense to go to the ones that are near. There is no point traveling to a far gym no matter how good the amenities are. It is definitely a program you should take advantage of. There is nothing like being able to join free physical activities. If you are in bad shape, you will probably regret not exercising enough when you were young. Right now, you are going to have a more difficult time burning all those fats in your body. The good news is that it is not too late because you can still do a lot of physical activity as long as your body permits you to do so. It is normal for an old person to have his or her body aching more than usual. There may be some times when your body parts would ache randomly. Here are some frequently asked questions about silver sneakers: