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Single vs Double Breast Pumps 2020

Single vs Double Breast Pumps

According to a recent study, simultaneous breast pumping is more effective than sequential breast pumping, producing more milk and draining the breast completely.

The study, conducted by the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Western Australia, involved a group of 31 healthy full-term baby moms who used the same model of pump for dual and single pumps.

For a single pumping, the second breast is pumped immediately after the first breast. Under the mom’s most comfortable vacuum, pump each breast for 15 minutes.

Watch this video “Exclusively Pumping // Single vs. Double Pumping – Which is Better?!”(5mins 58 seconds)

Differences and benefits of a single breast pump and double breast pump

The difference seems obvious-a single time means you can express one breast at a time, and a double-time means you can express two breasts at a time.

But which breast pump is right for you? If you are not familiar with breastfeeding and breastfeeding, even if you are not sure how to use a breast pump, it may be difficult to choose a suitable breast pump or compare breast pumps.

The main reason for milking is to be able to collect breast milk for breastfeeding the baby when it is not present or to share the burden of breastfeeding.

For many women, the most difficult thing to express is to find time during the working day to make them suitable for their daily activities (especially for working moms) or find a comfortable and private place to express.

How to choose a single breast pump or double breast pump

Single breast pump

A single breast pump is ideal for women who occasionally milk, so you may be looking for a more affordable breast pump.

Some women find that one breast provides more milk than the other, so one side may become full—a single pump can relieve this pressure and restore the balance of the breast.

The biggest advantage of a single breast pump is that you can breastfeed while expressing breast milk from another breast. Very efficient use of time.

Double breast pump

If you want or need regular milking, then double breast pumps are your best investment.

When you think of a double pump, you may think of the traditional one, which looks like two bottles hanging from a sling tube! This is not the case with Freemie pumps. In fact, Freemie’s dual pumps look more natural than single pumps.

Although the cost of a double breast pump may be higher than that of a single breast pump, it is worth investing in the additional convenience, convenience, and speed that double expression brings.

Squeezing two breasts at the same time can reduce your breast pumping time by half because you can collect double the milk at the same time.

In addition, some women find that when they express from only one breast, the other breast will leak milk-which is messy and wastes precious milk. Double pumping means you can collect milk for your baby to the maximum.

For moms who need to milk twins or pump milk for premature babies, a high-quality electric double pump is the best choice. It allows you to quickly extract two breasts at the same time, so you can regain your baby’s needs faster.

Our recommendation is to invest in a dual pump and use it as a pump if necessary. This gives you the best of both worlds. You can give birth from one breast milk and nursing baby at the same time, or you can pump milk from two breast milk and save the feed for later use.