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Pros and Cons of Air Jordan 1 Low Reviews 2019

Pros And Cons Of Air Jordan 1 Low Reviews 2019

Whenever you play basketball, you will notice your performance will get better once you buy new shoes. Of course, it will be the opposite if the shoes don’t feel comfortable. Recently, Air Jordan went back in time and the Air Jordan 1 Low came out. It is a shoe that is worth your consideration even if Jordan has retired from the sport a long time ago. He is still known as one of the best basketball players on the planet. Nobody has come close to saying he is better than Michael Jordan. Yes, not even Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. We scanned through dozens of Air Jordan 1 Low reviews online and we summarized all the reviewer’s opinions to make it easier. Besides, somebody has gone to do it and here are the pros and cons of this retro shoe:

Pros And Cons Of Air Jordan 1 Low Reviews 2019 black
Pros And Cons Of Air Jordan 1 Low Reviews 2019 black


Nice Fit

It is normal to compare it to the Air Jordan 1 High and some have noticed that the two shoes fit perfectly. It is important for a basketball player to be wearing shoes that fit perfectly. The last thing you want to happen is to suffer a sprained ankle because the shoes were a bit loose. Just when you thought you were performing beyond expectations, you will need to sit. Due to how nice this shoe fits, there is a minimal chance you will get injured. Of course, you need to be in great condition too. There are a lot of factors that get basketball players injured other than the shoe they are wearing. One factor is the way you condition your body before a game. 

Wonderful Design

Once you get a load of this shoe’s design, it would be hard to get your eyes off of it. It seems pretty obvious that Jordan brand spent a lot of time figuring out the design for the retro shoes. They go way back in time but the design still fits perfectly for today’s generation of basketball players. Remember, basketball players always look at your kicks and the Air Jordan 1 Low’s design is something you can be proud of. Because of the awesome design, a lot of shoe enthusiasts gave the product a two thumbs up. They even say it may be a long time before they give a rating like that again. Of course, that means they were thoroughly impressed by this shoe model. 

Awesome Quality

When it comes to quality, this shoe does not disappoint one bit. In fact, some people are comparing its quality the quality of Air Jordan XI. Imagine comparing this old model to a model that is ten years apart. That is definitely saying something about how you are going to perform when you are wearing the Air Jordan 1 Low. There is no doubt Nike was not kidding around when they released this model again. A lot of people thought they were going to use materials from way back but they impressed a lot. There were some reviewers who even thought that this was the best shoe they ever purchased. That is saying a lot for the Air Jordan 1 Low since this is not even a new model. The Jordan brand copied a page out of Hollywood as they are now remaking old models. That does not mean they will ruin it as it looks like they made a winner out of this one.

Lots of Traction

There was one basketball player who spoke about the undeniable traction of the shoe. It is no secret that will allow you to move a lot. If that does not allow you to score more points then I don’t know what will. Of course, it will also allow you to move and still get the rebound when someone boxes you out. Yes, a shoe with unlimited traction can allow you to do a lot of moves you never thought you would be able to do. 

Pros And Cons Of Air Jordan 1 Low Reviews 2019 blue
Pros And Cons Of Air Jordan 1 Low Reviews 2019 blue



There are some reviewers who thought the shoe did not last long. Some materials basically gave up on them after only a few months of using it. This is never good for any shoe as you would not want to buy another pair since it is a hassle. Of course, using a worn-out shoe would lead to major injuries so that would not be a good idea either. 

Lack of Heel Lockdown

According to a few reviewers, the Air Jordan 1 Low does not have any heel lockdown. Unfortunately, this is one of the most important traits of a basketball shoe. It is for those people who like to jump high for the rebound. When your heel isn’t locked down, you may not be able to jump that high. With the lack of heel lockdown, it is going to be a strange feeling while you are wearing the shoe. It is going to take a long time to get used to it. When you have the will to win, you want to succeed in filling up the stat sheet and the heel lockdown will be a big help.

Easily Creases

A lot of basketball players have pet peees when it comes to shoes. Most of them would hate it when the shoe creases rather easily. It would cause a lot of pain and discomfort. In fact, some players would immediately stay away from shoe models once they hear that it easily creases. As a player who would want to reach the next level, you would want a shoe that is the opposite of that.

Final Word

In conclusion, this retro shoe is as good as it gets. There may be a few areas that need improvement but there is no such thing as a perfect shoe. This model is not bad for a shoe that is more than a decade old. It is a must-have for Air Jordan collectors especially if you want something that is not out of style. Don’t be surprised if you are the talk of the basketball court once you lace up these kicks. They are guaranteed to be the center of attention as they won’t be available for much longer.