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Nike Air Max 270 Review

Nike Air Max 270

The Nike Air Max 270 is a running shoe designed to give you maximum comfort while exercising. Is it worth the money you will spend on it? That is such a big question to answer. To answer that question, we browsed through dozens of reviews online. We came up with the pros and cons you need to know before even thinking about buying this item. Here they are:



Perhaps, the first thing you must look for in a shoe is its comfort. That’s why you must try the Nike Air Max 270 on before even considering buying it. It is not one of those shoes that you can buy online. Besides, you’re going to spend a lot of money on shoes so it is best to feel great while wearing them. Good thing, a lot of reviewers expressed satisfaction while wearing this so it is basically a great buy.


Buyers were impressed with how well Nike designed this shoe. It is certainly something to be proud of. It has a design that has never been seen before. If there is one thing Nike is known for, it is the fact that they always make their products unique. The Nike Air Max 270 is no exception as it looks really classy. There is no doubt you will get lots of compliments when you take the shoe out for running. Because of that, your self-esteem will increase. It would feel great to get compliments from your friends. What more from people you don’t even know? That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you wear the Nike Air Max 270.

Lots of Colorways

The shoe is available in many designs so you will have a lot to choose from. It would be hard looking at all those nice designs though but you can get the opinion of other shoe enthusiasts. If you have the budget, you can always buy another pair. Besides, it won’t feel right to only have one pair. You can use one pair of shoes for running tough terrains and another pair for casual wear. You won’t believe how proud you will be of these shoes. The colors speak for themseles. Yes, there are many color combinations that are just too hard to resist. Some of them would follow a certain theme but it would be up to you to figure out what that theme is.


Since the Nike Air Max 270 is pretty light, it is like you are wearing nothing while using it. Of course, that is going to increase your mobility while using it. In fact, you can move freely while wearing it. Since it does not weight much, you are going to have an easy time moving it from one place to another. After all, you may want to use it when you go to they gym or do other sports like boxing or even basketball. The shoes would be great for those sports. You will even feel energized in playing the sport which means you will perform better thanks in large part to the Nike Air Max 270.

Great Fit

Once you’ve found the right size for your feet, you are going to feel really comfortable. It won’t feel too tight and it won’t feel too loose either. Yes, it is going to be the right fit. You will even be motivated to wear it for all types of purposes. Even if you’re just going to the nearest store to buy a sack of rice, you’re going to want to wear it. Yes, the chore may be simple but you need to wear shoes and the Nike AIr Max 270 is perfect for that task too.


Hard to Find Colorways

There are some colorways that are going to be harder to find than you initially thought. Yes, the Nike store that is near you may even ask other Nike stores if they have the colorway you wanted. It is even possible the Nike store that has it is pretty far from your location. If that is the case, you may have no choice but to settle for other colorways. Good thing, that is not a big of a deal anyway. What’s important is the shoe will exceed your expectations and it has a good track of record of doing so.


Since Nike is a well-known brand all over the world, its shoes are expected to have a heavy price tag. The Nike Air max 270 is no exception because it is expensive compared to similar shoes from other brands. As a result, some people were turned off by the price. However, those who have bought from Nike in the past know what they are getting from this brand. They know they’re getting great quality as the last thing they would want to happen is for their reputation to get damaged. Yes, you’re getting their best in each shoe that Nike manufactures. Good thing, some Nike outlets accept credit card and you can pay for the item in an instalment basis.

Tight Opening

There were a few reviewers who expressed concern about the opening of the shoe. They said it was too tight and that caused them to have blisters. This is actually the reason why you must fit the shoe before buying it. If ever you felt any pain, then you can try another size. If you did try several sizes, this problem would be avoided. 

Final Word

The Nike Air Max 270 may be a bit pricey but it has everything you want in a shoe. Due to the materials Nike used, it is pretty evident you’re going to be using this shoe for a long time. Thus, each penny you pay for it is worth it. Not only does the shoe give great support for your feet, it also boasts of the longest heel Air Max unit available. There is no doubt you are not going to regret investing in this shoe. It is a worthy investment because of all its good qualities. The number of positives certainly outnumber the negatives by a huge margin.