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How To Wash Sneakers?


All of us who wear sneakers know how nice, light, and comfortable are to wear, but we have a problem when it comes to cleaning them. No sneaker manufacturer will tell you that it is good to wash the sneakers in the machine. Yet many of us do it, especially in the autumn and winter, when the days are rainy and the streets are muddy. The nightmare of many is just keeping your sneakers clean, which is not easy with some shoe models. In most cases, they require deep washing, which is often not possible because of the materials they are made of.

However, you have to wash them, but How To Wash Sneakers?

We believe most of you have been thinking of the washing machine as a the only solution. If that is the case, insert the sneakers into the washing machine inside and out, and they will come out clean. Of course it’s a really good way to wash, but only linen sneakers. Sneakers of any leather type will not stand up to washing in the washing machine so well.

Namely, leather is not intended for long-term moisturizing, especially on the inside, so if you moisturize them too much, the leather will absorb water and almost certainly all the dirt. As the leather dries, it will lose its original softness, elasticity and fine texture, so it will be more prone to cracking later. It will be stiff, and it will lose its beautiful original appearance. When you put your machine washed sneakers on your foot, you probably won’t be as comfortable as you used to be.

In addition, when washing in a washing machine, the water temperature and detergents can wash away the original color from the leather, and rotation in the machine can mechanically damage the top layer of sneakers. And lastly, there is a possibility that the glue used to attach the sneakers will melt or shatter and your sneakers will literally fall apart.

Remember that no manufacturer recommends washing sneakers in a washing machine, and in this case does not guarantee their durability. However, if you do decide to do the washing in a washing machine, choose a soaking program not higher than 40ºC and use a milder detergent.

Before washing, be sure to remove the shoelaces. If not, put the cartridges in the machine but separate from the sneakers. If you do not want your laces too tight, just slip them through one hole and tie with a light knot.

If the sneakers have sand, mud and other large dirt on them, remove them with a brush and shower before putting them in the machine.

The brushed leather sneakers are particularly sensitive to water. Of course, there is always the possibility that if you wash them in the machine, your sneakers will lose color, that their rotation will damage the top layer of the leather, but also that they will completely disintegrate if the glue in them melts or dries.

Therefore, it is advisable to wash them manually. To do this, use a soft, plastic brush or coarse sponge, foam and quite a bit of water. Take a soft plastic brush or a coarse sponge and gently brush all sides of the sneakers with foam (or other means) in a circular motion. You can leave the agent for a shorter time. Wipe them with a damp cloth on the outside to remove traces of detergent. Wash the cartridge separately, if you can remove it from the sneaker, if you cannot, lightly soak it inside, apply a detergent and scrub as much as possible. When flushing the interior with water, soak up as much liquid as possible with clean paper or absorbent cloth so that the skin does not absorb too much water. Then leave them to dry in a windy and / or warm place where they will be able to drain from the remaining liquid. You can even use dishwasher detergent or plain soap for them. They are ready to wear as soon as they are dry. You can try to wash overturned leather wipes by wiping them with a wet cloth, and if they need more thorough washing in water and detergent, then drain them and rub them with a towel as soon as possible. When dry, spray them with a leather care agent. Strong bleaches should not be used on the rubber parts of the sneakers, as they can damage them. Instead, brush them with a white toothpaste or just with water. You can also use acetone for this purpose. Just soak the cotton ball with acetone and wipe off the soiled parts.

The unpleasant odors of sneakers mean that not only are they dirty, but that they contain microorganisms inside. Usually these are bacteria and mold, which may not necessarily be dangerous, but there are many, and they mostly like leather sneakers.

To get rid of the unpleasant odors of sneakers, remove the cartridge and wash it by hand, using detergent and water, and dry it well. If it still feels like it, repeat the procedure or wash the inserts in the washing machine. You can grease the inside of the sneaker and the cartridge with baking soda and leave for a few days. This has proven to be a pretty effective anti-odor solution. Of course, there are industrial anti-odor sprays.

It is important to keep your sneakers dry as often as possible, as wet footwear is an ideal place for the development of microorganisms. One of the most effective remedies is the foot spray, which specializes in eliminating fungus and preventing leg odor. Sprays are considered effective primarily because they solve the problem, work well, but also because they are very usable. They are applied very easily, you can just spray your sneakers on and continue with daily activities. And the spray continues to work for you. There are also a number of foot and fat creams for nail fungus that have anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and antiseptic activity. They are also very effective and in a very successful way eliminate the problem.

Above is our solution on How To Wash Sneakers, and hope it is useful for your reference.