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How can you tell fake yeezy boost 350 v2 zebra?

fake yeezys zebras

Want to know how to discover fake Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra CP9654? This is a true and false comparison of Yeezy Zebra, showing you how to verify Kanye’s sneakers-from the sole to the laces, including all the details.

The short answer on how to identify fake Yeezy Zebras is: you need to pay attention to the inconsistent text on the size label, pay close attention to the way the shoes are laced and observe the overall shape. This can be a bit difficult to achieve, which is why you need to compare with the images we have organized for you in detail.

We have written hundreds of guides on the comparison of fake shoes with real sneakers_this is our most complete guide on how to legally check Yeezy Zebra.

Boxes-As usual, fake boxes seem to be made of thin, inferior materials, so they are usually damaged in some way. This is almost the first thing I am looking for, creases and dents are a giveaway.

For some reasons, many counterfeit or imitation Yeezy Boost 350 packaging boxes are not made in the correct way, and labels with offset printing should not be placed on the side where they are pulled out.

1.Size adjustment stickers

I have seen very good fake stickers, the details of which are almost perfect, but they usually look a bit different. The outline of genuine stickers is comparable to that of men, while fakes can be short/fat or generally flattened. The “Yeezy Boost 350 V2” font should look properly spaced and clear, and the counterfeit usually looks a little fuzzy or too close.

2.Ape Stickers

There will be a small round “Ape” sticker at the bottom of the box of the genuine packaging box, I have not seen them on any fakes. On the zebra crossing, the number is 35 (this varies between different colors.

3.The contents of the box

there are only a pair of shoes, two pieces of paper and an APE sticker-if you find a plastic bag, a key or a pair of socks, it is likely to have been cheated.


The obvious sign of another pair of Yeezy fake shoes is the size and shape of the stripes that extend along the sides and front of the shoes. On the zebra crossing, it is difficult to notice, more difficult than on Oreo. These special fakes have shorter stripes and wider stripes than real fakes.

5.The word “Sply-350”

the real words should be separated by an appropriate interval, about 2 or 3 needles wide, these fakes are obviously with thin letters and are at an angle.

6.Internal heel

Surprisingly, this is one of the most obvious ways to find fakes on a pair of yeezy boost 350 V2 Zebra. The three stripes that extend downward from the back should be pure white, and the surrounding materials have just spread out-this is not very obvious at the fake exhibition. The stitches of the real pair are clearly visible, but hidden under the material of the fake, they should be clearly visible on the outside.

7.Pull the ring (usually a pair of forged yeezy’s legendary tail way)

zebra is no exception, the space where the fingers are placed should be reasonably structured, and the forged things seem to be looser.

The back stitches should have 8 black stitches (smaller white stitches) in the white box, no less than 11!


Strangely, a pair of false zebra crossings seems to be raised on the frontline, while the real pair appears flat. The sole plastic on the fake sole looks creamier than white.

The most obvious difference on knitting stitches

V2 is that the white and black knitting patterns are close together, the shape of the fake is almost thicker, almost triangular, and the real pair has a line.

In the end, I received a lot of emails and messages, and someone asked me to legally check Yeezy’s mail, so many are cheap! Please don’t think you can buy any real Yeezy shoes for £300 or $350. If they cost £80, then they will be fake all day long-just like these fake zebras. Anyway, I hope you like my guide to learn how to identify fake Yeezy Boost 350 Zebra.