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Top 11 tips: How to spot Fake Yeezys in 2020?

Top 11 tips: How to spot Fake Yeezys in 2020?

You are probably wondering how comes there are several Yeezys in the market right now. Well, these fabulous creations by Kanye West have been some of the hottest sneakers in the market for some time. In case you are planning on getting one for yourself, you need to know how to spot fake Yeezys.

The Adidas Yeezys target both comfort and style, making them a must-have pair of shoes among many shoes’ enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Yeezys are some of the most counterfeited shoe brands in the whole world, and unless you get yours from a reputable store such as Adidas, you will most likely end up with a knockoff.

One of the reasons why it is possible to end up with Fake Yeezys is because there exists a vast market and limited production. Most knockoff firms, therefore, find it lucrative to throng the market with counterfeit Yeezy editions. Also, several people don’t know how to identify fake Yeezys which promotes the rise of counterfeit ones.

Yeezys are also pretty expensive, which pushes several people to avoid official stores such as Adidas. Most sneakerheads, therefore, prefer auction sites and several unauthorized stores to avoid paying huge prices.

In case you have decided to get some Yeezys, here are a few tips that will help you ascertain whether they are legit or not:

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i) Check the logos and labels.

One of the starting points when ascertaining whether a pair of shoes is legit or not is checking the logo and the labels. Producing quality logos is normally expensive, and therefore, most knockoff companies settle for inferior low-quality creations. Fake Yeezys usually have a different logo size in their designs. As a result, the logos occupy a pretty large space where they are located. A counterfeit Yeezy has a big, poorly done logo at the side of the shoe, which also applies for the YZY imprint found in several Yeezy shoes.

There has to be the original Adidas trefoil logo in an authentic piece.

ii) ‘Sample made in China’ phrase

The ‘Made in China’ phrase does not disqualify the authenticity of a pair of Yeezys. However, the shoe is fake if there is a ‘Sample made in China’ imprint and a number of extra information including the shoe name on the size tag. A real pair of Yeezys is usually less wordy, which is a huge advantage.

An authentic pair has a simple ‘Made in China’ phrase with a bar code. The usual size and the gender specifications of the shoe are also outlined complete with a serial code which is legible enough.

iii) Look at the insole

One of the areas that sell out knockoff producers is the insole. It is quite expensive to print and design the right insole, which pushes most of them to settle on relatively low quality and counterfeit insole designs. A fake pair of Yeezys has white texts on the insole. The words will not also be a mirror image of the other. This is one of the easiest ways of whether your pair is fake or not.

An authentic Yeezy insole reads ‘Adidas YEEZY’ with the patent Adidas trefoil precisely located inside the two words. Anything other than that is a fake. Instead of white texts all over the insole, the colour should be of a dark grey tone that blends in quite well with the background colour of the sole. Lastly, the insoles of an authentic pair are mirrored images of each other. Therefore, you should not, at any point, fall to the whims of scammers and knockoff sellers.

iv) Check the lettering on the side.

There is distinct lettering on the Yeezy that makes these shoes pretty. Most counterfeit brands are unable to record this lettering correctly making them stand out. In a fake pair of Yeezys, the lettering does not line up correctly. These letters should, therefore, run straight across instead of assuming funny shapes and curves.

Counterfeit pairs also use the letter ‘v’ instead of ‘W’. Your pair of Yeezys is fake once this letter appears even if everything else is in place. A fake pair also has curved up letters instead of the normal straight ones.

v) Check the stitching and the patterns.

The stitching and patterns in your pair of Yeezys will also tell you whether it is legit or counterfeit. Messy stitching is a sign of fake shoes. You will even notice that the stitching takes a crisscross approach when real Yeezys have neat stitching that creates an X on both sides separated by a square.

vi) Count the red dots

The red dots on your heel tab can help you determine whether you have a legit or counterfeit pair. Real Yeezys have only nine dots on the hell tabs. Fake ones, on the other hand, have a wide range of dots except nine.

However, do not focus on the dots outside the rectangle while counting. The nine dots are gracefully located on the rectangular part of the heel tab.

vii) How do the stripes look?

You should keenly observe how all the stripes on the inner side of the heel tab blends in with the rest of the shoe. In counterfeit pairs, the stripes are quite different. You can, therefore, think that they have been printed on.

viii) Ascertain the quality of material

Counterfeit pairs lag in quality. You can quickly establish whether a pair of shoes is legit or not by looking at the quality of the material. Feel the fabric and note the texture. If the fabric is too soft, then that’s a fake pair of Yeezys. The texture of real Yeezys should be a little bit rough to the touch. The sole should also be pretty thick and rigid.

You should also look at the shoe’s tongue when checking the quality of the material. You will notice that a real pair of Yeezys has a pretty rigid and sturdy tongue as opposed to a fake pair. It goes unsaid that a soft low-quality material results in a poorly done tongue.

ix) Pricing

How much are you spending on your pair of Yeezys?

Yeezys are pretty expensive, and therefore a cheap one should automatically raise eyebrows. Remember, this doubles up as one of the reasons why there are several counterfeits. Since several people cannot afford the standard pricing, they resort for cheaper auction sites and unauthorized stores.

A new pair of Yeezys should not cost less than $200. These shoes were invented as luxury items and therefore, getting them at a price lower than that is unreasonable. If you get a deal less than the set amount, you are probably acquiring cheap knockoffs. Most people sell their pair of Yeezys for $150, which means that getting new ones at $50 doesn’t make sense. However, this does not imply that these pair of shoes must always be expensive. You might be lucky enough to find a legit store making clearance sales.

All in all, make sure that you ascertain some of the features that we talked about regardless of the price. Do not be shocked if you buy a counterfeit pair of Yeezys at the same amount as the original one.

x) Where did you buy the Yeezys?

Yeezys are not regular sneakers that are sold anywhere and in any store. You will probably end up with a counterfeit pair if you decide to get yours from a cheap auction site or an unauthorized store. Therefore, make sure that you source yours from a reputable store, that deal with original Adidas products and regularly update their inventory. You can also order your pair directly from Adidas if you want a 100% legit pair. You can also sign up for updates regarding Yeezys from Adidas official site.

xi) Check the box

Lastly, you can confirm whether your pair of Yeezys is legit or not by looking at the box. Major brands such as Adidas are thorough with their packaging and therefore, do not quickly rock your Yeezys the exact moment you get them. A legit pair of Yeezys comes in a smooth textured shoe box with zero visible edges while counterfeit couples have rough-looking boxes with ugly looking edges. You should know this if you are a Yeezy fanatic. This is actually the first thing that you should observe when you receive your package.

Also, make sure that your shoe box has the right serial number. A fake pair of Yeezys has a different box serial number from the one on the shoe. Check whether the color of the box is even. Having a lighter and deeper colour in different areas of the box is a sign of a counterfeit shoe. You don’t want to part with over $200 for a fake pair of Yeezys when you can get a number of legit shoes at the same price.

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It is easy to buy a counterfeit pair of Yeezys. These shoes are considered luxurious by several people and therefore quite expensive to obtain. I hope that these eleven tips will teach you how to spot fake Yeezys.