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Are grow tents worth it?

Are grow tents worth it

Hey guys, I’m on the fringe of purchasing a tent, but I’d like some opinions from the farm before I go for it.

Right now I’m rocking a cardboard box with aluminum foil lining it, and a few holes cut out for vent/air intake. I know for a fact that this is not 100% efficient in reflecting light, nor does it block light from coming in or out.
I could further modify this box to be more efficient, use another box altogether, buy a grow tent, OR salvage materials and create something nicer.

I’m all for DIY work, but I don’t know a damn thing about making my own tent.
What do you guys think? What have you used, and what would you have done differently?

Are Grow Tents Worth The Expense?

These days, with excessive heat being problematic in many parts of the world, the ability to protect your plants against scorching sun and record high temperatures can mean the difference between growing a successful home garden and squandering your time and money with nothing to show for it.

Even though your grow tent can represent a significant initial investment, it can save you money in the long run. This is because it costs less to provide water, nutrients, and light to your plants with a grow tent.

Because of the reflective mylar interior coating, your return on your investment in lighting is multiplied many times over. Plants receive life and health-giving light from every angle for exactly the right amount of time every day.

Because you completely control the growing environment, you will not experience water waste caused by excessive sun and wind. You will not lose supplements to runoff caused by rain and flooding.

How do you choose the right grow tent?

Start by considering the size of the grows tent you’ll need:

How big is the space in which you hope to grow your garden?

How big are the plants you’re growing? How tall will they grow? What will their size be at full maturation?

How much equipment will you need to fit inside? How extensive is your hydroponic system? What size are your pots and planters? How big are your ventilators, grow lights, nutrient reservoirs, humidifiers, and more?

How much room will you need to account for the grower’s movement within the tent? Will you need to be inside the tent to tend to the garden?  

Are you using a vertical growth system?

If your hydroponics system is vertical, you may want to consider a tent with height extenders or a separate extension kit. These allow you to increase the height of your tent, so it can grow as your plants do.

Moreover, these taller tents can actually help the health of your plants. Heat rises, so taller tents lift the air so hot air isn’t sitting “on” your plants. This keeps the plants warm without overheating.

Reasons to Use a Grow Tent

If you want to garden year-round and have unused indoor space, consider growing edibles under a grow tent. From leafy greens and fig trees to cauliflower or tomatoes, there are plenty of options for what you can plant in your grow tent.

Grow tents help gardeners create optimal growing environments indoors. They are usually made out of flexible materials and include fans, lights, and sometimes carbon filters. The reflective material on the inside helps prevent hot spots.

Seedlings benefit dramatically from the enclosed environment because it allows you, the grower, complete control over climate and lighting.

  • Garden Year-Round
  • Use Space Wisely
  • Use Energy Efficiently
  • Keep Pests Out
  • Circulate Clean Air
  • Get Lighting Right
  • Easy Set Up

Gorilla Grow Tents Worth The Money?

Let’s be honest here. Yes, they are worth the money especially if you are planning on growing weed in a tent for any length of time. If your situation is temporary you might get by with a cheaper tent at least for a while.

Will  Gorilla grow tents out yield a cheaper grow tent? All things being equal the answer is no.

But if your cheap grow tent has or develops light leaks or your hood and fan come crashing down because the frame can’t support the weight the answer is a definite yes.

Why You Need A Grow Tent For Your Indoor Garden

Grow tents let you have fresh produce year-round by creating an appropriate environment for your indoor hydroponic garden.

You have improved control over the growing environment. Grow tents let you control the light, water, temperature, and humidity, so that your plants can grow faster and stronger. Weather and external factors are not a concern because you control the environment. You can attach necessary equipment in the grow tent to better control the atmosphere as well, like humidifiers, heaters, lights, fans, and air conditioners.

Grow tents also usually provide flood-proof floors and an airtight seal, which help protect from external temperature changes. This also helps keep out pests in a much more controlled way than an open or outdoor environment might.

This seal can also protect from odors and noise. Some plants give off odors and allergens, which you don’t want in your home. The grow tent will contain these odors so they don’t seep out to your home and family.

Tents can also contain noise. For example, you can put on music to possibly help your plants grow, but the music won’t spread to other areas of the home. The reverse is also true; plants won’t be disturbed by the noises in your home.

Grow tents are also highly energy efficient. They have an interior reflective coating that actually circulates the light from your sun lamp. This means that the rays of the light are amplified, which can give your plants the energy they need without expending significant energy from the lamp. Plus, the light is better dispersed throughout the grow tent as opposed to a more centralized beam of light. This wider concentration of light allows for improved photosynthesis of plants.

This efficiency can help you save money as well. This controlled environment ensures there is no excess expenditure that causes fringe expenses. You also have a lower risk of losing your crops due to weather, pests, or flooding.

Plus, you don’t have to build a separate structure like a greenhouse. And you don’t have to trek through nasty weather to get to your garden. Your grow tent can be close, so you can always have the accessibility to tend to your pants.